Paxauris Awarded Navy SBIR Phase II

Health Monitoring Hearable

Warfighters train and work in dangerous environments with extreme levels of impulse noise, continuous noise, cold, heat, humidity, altitude, and acceleration, while under stress and during strenuous activity. Continuous monitoring of potentially harmful exposure will enable the military to take action to protect warfighters’ health and improve their readiness by evaluating the effectiveness of protective equipment and by structuring training and operations to avoid damaging overexposure. Paxauris proposes a Health Monitoring Hearable system for wireless in-ear noise dosimetry and biometric monitoring. In Phase I we proved the feasibility of our concept and approach. In Phase II we will prototype and test our system in the laboratory, on human subjects, and in the field. At the end of Phase II, we will deliver production-ready prototypes to the Navy. In Phase III we will ready our system for military acquisition and commercial sales.

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