Paxauris means peaceful ear. Our goal is to protect people suffering from loud noise.

Noise is dangerous. Noise increases stress, causing hypertension and heart disease. It impairs situational awareness, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of accidents. And it damages hearing, affecting communication and performance, ultimately leading to cognitive decline, social withdrawal, and depression.

Noise is so dangerous that noise-induced hearing loss is the number one injury to workers. While the cost to employers is high, the cost to workers is incalculable.

The prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss is tragic because it is progressive and permanent, but most of all because it is completely preventable.

Workers need better earplugs. Noise-induced hearing loss is endemic because of poor compliance. Many workers don’t wear earplugs correctly, or at all, because they are uncomfortable, painstakingly difficult to fit, dirty, and wasteful.

Everyone needs better earplugs. Workers aren’t the only ones at risk from noise. The World Health Organization estimates over 1 billion young adults are at risk of permanent, avoidable hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices and that by 2050, one in every ten people with have disabling hearing loss.

A Quest for Quiet. Our founder, Tony, has spent a lifetime in noise. He grew up on air force bases in Australia, with jet noise a constant interruption. He joined the Royal Australian Air Force himself and worked as a flight test engineer. He did his PhD in jet engines and worked as a rocket scientist for NASA. He went on to lead a project to develop a new helmet for Navy aircraft carrier flight deck crews. A keen swimmer, surfer’s ear left Tony with tortuous ear canals and difficulty with fitting earplugs. Out at sea on the USS George Washington, he found he was not alone in his difficulty with current earplug offerings. After trying every pair available, foam, flanged, and custom, he set out to develop something better.

Photo by: Petty Officer 2nd Class Asheka Lawrence-Reid

A new and better earplug. Tony founded Paxauris in 2016 to bring a better earplug to market. We are engineers, musicians, creators, and innovators. Comfort and ease-of-use are our guiding principles. Also persistence. Finally, after years of prototypes and testing, we have come up with an earplug that is even better than we’d ever dared to hope for. After wearing our latest FluidTM earplug prototypes on a fourteen-hour flight to Australia and then diving into the Bondi surf with them in his ears, Tony emerged satisfied and deemed them ready for market. We love them and think you will too.