• Ease of Fitting. The Paxauris earplug is easily fit and provides a reliable seal deep in the ear canal, which increases compliance and reduces the performance gap reported between laboratory attenuation and that measured in the field.
  • Greater Comfort. The importance of comfort cannot be over stressed. If an earplug is not comfortable, it will not be worn. Our earplug represents a major improvement in comfort over existing technology as it provides a compliant custom fit with a comfortable contact pressure.
  • Minimal Occlusion Effect. The comfort of the plug is further improved by the reduced occlusion effect compared to a shallow-insert earplug or small volume earmuff.
  • Superior Attenuation. A consistent deep-insert fit past the second bend in the ear canal corresponds to higher attenuation values and greater protection.
  • May Be Integrated with Existing In-Ear Technologies. The earplug is designed for integration with level-dependent filters and in-ear tactical communication and protection systems that improve communications and increase situational awareness.
  • Biometric Platform. The ear canal offers a window for many physiological measurements including core temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. The close, deep-insert fit of the Paxauris earplug provides an ideal platform for such measurements. 
  • Cost Effective Solution.  The earplug is fabricated from durable materials and is designed to be reusable for over one hundred insertions giving over three months of daily use per set. Furthermore, the plug may be replaced separately from electronic components and filters, reducing the life cycle cost of the system.