Summer 2022 Interns

See what our past interns had to say about their experience at Paxauris!

Yacqub Hassan Abdirahman (ASU Mechanical Engineering)

I am currently a senior at Arizona State University set to graduate May 2023. During my internship, I focused on a lifecycle testing project, to test the lifecycle of the hearing protection devices. During this project I worked with microcontrollers, sensors, data acquisition, different programming languages and algorithms. Along with electrical control systems, I was able to implement mechanical designs and ultimately finalize my stage of the lifecycle testing project. During my internship, I was able to target the specific areas of engineering that piqued my interest, furthering my knowledge of control systems and programming. My time at Paxauris allowed me to contribute to a goal that I felt personally connected to, while also furthering my own education and experience. The technical and the soft skills I gained over the course of this internship will not only translate into my success as a student but also an engineer.”

— Yacqub

Carlos Nuñez-Eddy (ASU Mechanical Engineering)

At Paxauris, I focused on tasks aiming to improve the reliability and repeatability of the earplug fabrication and assembly process, as well as evaluating a temperature probe for integration into the Paxauris earplug. I especially enjoyed working closely with other interns and team members to solve problems, use the lab and workshop to work on projects, and improve my knowledge on materials and acoustic sciences. Overall, I found Paxauris to be a great place to learn valuable hands-on technical experience while contributing creative ideas in a team setting.”  

— Carlos

Brian Terasaki (ASU Aerospace Engineering)

I am currently a junior at Arizona State University set to graduate May 2024. In addition to my studies, I am an officer of Sun Devil Rocketry, a student organization focused on high powered rocketry and propulsion research. At Paxauris, I expanded my skills into acoustic testing using the in-house sound room; I developed test equipment and procedures to help validate earplug performance in the complex environment of an ear canal. My experience at Paxauris has taught me the value of experimentation as a tool in engineering design. Rather than approximating the human ear using idealized simplifications, I conducted a controlled experiment, analyzed the impact of design changes on performance, and improved my design with the understanding gained from each test. My experience with experimentative problem solving is especially applicable to my future studies in aerodynamics and sparks my interest in test operations.”  

— Brian